I'm Candace

and I'm a destination wedding + portrait photographer located in the Southern Maryland area. I believe in capturing moments that evoke the real and raw adventure that is life. I travel the world and photograph beautiful memories for loved ones to cherish for a lifetime. Freezing moments for future generations is one of the main reasons why I love being a photographer. That and because it brings some pretty awesome people into my life! Preserving those moments people share with one another isn't a task I take lightly either. I strive to document every wedding, engagement or family with an emphasis on the little moments that matter to us the most.  Big smiles and lots of laughs. Those are two things I promise you'll walk away with besides beautiful images and I cannot wait to meet you! 

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Then you are in the perfect place!  My couples are head over heels with each other!  They are real and emotional. They want photos that reflect their relationship in every raw form. My brides are fierce, creative & don't mind getting their dress a little dirty. While my grooms are strong, caring & down for the adventure.. My couples are more than clients, we make connections and grow together.  Sound like you? Lets get started! 

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Lets get started »

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Life goes by entirely too quickly.  My families, seniors and little tots are changing every day and hitting milestone after milestone.  They know the important of preserving these moments within their lives.  Whether your family is growning, you're about to graduate from high school or college or just want to freeze this particular moment in life, you are in the right spot for raw images.