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I'm Candace and I'm a destination wedding & portrait photographer based out of the Washington, D.C. area. Chances are you won't find me in the DMV for too long.  Come and explore my corner of the world with me! 

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January 2, 2019

Best of 2018 | Behind the Scenes

Mannn oh man was it a spectacular year or what?  So many moments of the year that I’ll never forget but since we have already dived into those, lets dive into something I hope I can keep going into 2019… some behind the scenes.  Being a wedding photographer isn’t always pretty.  I sweat like a dang pig and by the time Im finished with the bridal details, Im a mess.  There are lots of cards us wedding photographers play.  We orchestrate entire bridal parties and families, we are wedding coordinators keeping things on time and running smoothly, we fluff dresses, fluff veils, we get bugs out from between the tulle, we help with boutonnieres, we help with jewelry any stubborn little buttons.  We are there for our couples 100% throughout the entire day.  Im never serious when it comes to photos but it was damn good year you guys!  Heres to some fun and 1000000%  embarrassing moments of this year!

2018-12-24_0039.jpgAlways testing our lighting on each other.  Those are the best if you ask me.
2018-12-24_0042.jpgI will always take random photos of my second shooters.  Especially when they least expect it.
2018-12-24_0045.jpgsay hello to the FRIZZIEST hair day of my life apparently and the glorious sun that made it stand out.
2018-12-24_0043.jpgIll photobomb all of my second shooters shots because why not? I think my couples should remember this face if you ask me.
2018-12-24_0040.jpgDouble teaming with my home girl Amber!
2018-12-24_0044.jpgIm still not sure what I was doing behind April.  I think I just fluffed her dress and it fell perfectly and I was jazzed about that haha.
2018-12-24_0047.jpginvading your space since 1989.
2018-12-24_0048.jpgmy “I dont know what to do to test your light and everyone is staring at me but I dont care” face.
2018-12-24_0049.jpgAnd one thing I won’t miss out on, is the wobble.  Chances are you’ll find me somewhere on the dance at some point in the night.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 will throw my way.  Until then at least I have some time to work on my camera face.

Happy New Years my friends!


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