A quote that resonates deep within me. Travel is a passion.  It changes you and your outlook on the world.  You see beauty in the imperfections. No matter the place, even though I may be sad, I always come home recharged and fully inspired. 

"I feel the most at home in places I've never been"

My love for travel has taken me all over the world. I've documented incredible moments for people in the US all the way to the Czech Republic and the Caribbean. The world is a beautiful place and was meant to be explored.

November 4-8 New York City
November 9-17 - Oregon
December 2-16 - Guatemala
January - Cuba
February - open
March 5-26 - Australia + New Zealand
April 18-21 - Outer Banks, NC

travel dates


Destination weddings are the best.  They are real, intimate and personal. And best of all, they can double as your honeymoon too! I am passport ready and will work with my couples to ensure the smoothest of days. I can even offer destination recommendations! Because my love for weddings + travel are so strong, I currently offer NO TRAVEL FEES.  Thats right, you choose the wedding collection and receive the same amazing experience as you would in the DMV.  





I swoon over the intimacy of elopements. They are raw and emotional. They usually consist of 20 or less of your closest family & friends. Elopements also can take all of the stress of a full wedding away while also saving you some money. You can elope anywhere... the top of a mountain, edge of a canyon or in the water! You heard me! Elopements offer you up to even more exploration and even MORE portraits! These are for the true adventurers out there.  


almost 50% off

It is very rare to find me at home for too long.  I strive to take a trip at least once a month.  Whether it be another country or another state in our beautiful country, you can follow along with me or meet me there! I may even be traveling to a destination where you either live or will be visiting.  I always make time for a few portrait sessions during all of my travels and I currently offer portrait sessions at almost 50% off if we end up in the same place at the same time. 


Want an even better deal?  There are a few places in this world that would be such a dream to shoot at that I will shoot your wedding for free as long as you cover just my travel expenses. And if you have been following me for a while, you know I know travel cheaply.  

There are many places in the world that I would love to travel to, but there are a few that I literally dream about shooting in.  And I want to make that dream a reality not only for myself, but for you as well! If you're dream wedding location is listed below, I will shoot your wedding free of charge.  You only have to pay for my flight, boarding and travel to and from the wedding location. I will take care of the rest. 

travel bucket list

- Greece
- Alaska
- Thailand
- Maldives
- Philippines
- Italy
- Oregon (PNW in general)

- Banff, Canada
- Iceland
- Morocco
- Portugal
- New Zealand

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