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I'm Candace and I'm a destination wedding & portrait photographer based out of the Washington, D.C. area. Chances are you won't find me in the DMV for too long.  Come and explore my corner of the world with me! 

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April 8, 2019

Change is Good..

Man oh man you guys. The last 3 months have had me all over the place emotionally, mentally, physically. Between traveling, dieting and rebuilding my entire business plan… lets just say it hasn’t really been slow around these parts. Back in January I faced some realities and decided that I needed to up my game in this industry if I really want to stand out and not only grow myself or my business but grow my client experience and the way I offer my services to my community. With the incredible growth and demand in my business, it is definitely time to make a change. Change is scary but change GOOD my friends!

I want a show of hands (haha no, but really)… how many of you actually printed your portraits? Whether you’re clients of mine or not, you’re likely still putting it off as we speak. I know that clients of mine do print their images but I also know that a whole lot of them do not. I want to make the entire “after” experience easier than ever so no matter what, you always walk away from me with a tangible product to display in your home. Bonus points, the products you receive from me are heirloom quality and custom made. The products I offer are unique and cannot be found at any ole consumer lab or drug store. These are items that will be showcased in your home and for your family for years, they deserve to be nothing but the best. In reality, me just giving everything away and telling my clients, best of luck, I’m putting the quality of the images they just invested hard money on, at risk. I will no longer do my clients the disservice of receiving nothing and having to do everything themselves.

In comes the announcement… Starting May 17th, CNP will become a full service fine art photography studio. I will take on a limited number of portrait clients each month and they will receive an in-person, full service experience catered to them. We will chat over what you wish to achieve with your portraits. Are you thinking a framed gallery wall in the living room? Over the fireplace? Over your bed? Or does a handcrafted table side album containing some of your favorite images that you can enjoy with guests or your kids for years sound more your style? Say toodles to the days of just digitals wasting away on your phone, or on the usb you can’t find anymore. But never fear, if digitals are really all you’re after, I’ve still got a little something for you guys too.

All my mini session fans, don’t worry! I will still be offering mini sessions and they will still be super affordable for everyone. I could never take those away from you guys. I will also be offering new, in-studio portraits. We will see when or if that goes as planned… but get excited because its going to be a whole lot of new! Also, my current clients, if you have already signed your contract + payed your retainer, you are fine and your price will not change. My wedding coverage will not change but each of my couples will have the option to add on any of the galleries or collections that I offer.

Another big announcement, I am only accepting 5 more bookings at my current price point between now and May 17th. After that 5, my pricing will transition over. May 17th will be the hard transition date if those 5 bookings do not book, but I 100% expect that they will. It’s going to be so fun getting to see everyones faces receiving their heirlooms instead of stalking people on social media and I CANNOT WAIT. I hear it makes this job that much more rewarding, knowing that my clients are walking away with a piece of art work. I’m so thankful for all of my clients who have been with me through thick and thin. I’m so pumped to offer an even better experience to everyone! Now lets get to having some fun my friends and capture your families memories. =P

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