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Euro-Road Trippin’ | Adventures of Candace Nicole | Munich + Oktoberfest

October 5, 2017

Germany is totally a new favorite of mine!  I am dying to get my booty back to this incredibly clean and thoughtful country!  But I’ll dive more into my love of the country next week, right now, I wanna dive into our first two days in Munich!  We landed at the airport around noon and […]

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Germany is totally a new favorite of mine!  I am dying to get my booty back to this incredibly clean and thoughtful country!  But I’ll dive more into my love of the country next week, right now, I wanna dive into our first two days in Munich!  We landed at the airport around noon and headed straight for the Hertz rental car to pick up our car and head into the city center!  Downfall of arriving to such a busy Munich, we get to the car rental counter and the attendant lets me know that it will be about 25 minutes as they need to service and wash the cars.  We think, no biggie, we will go right next door to the bar and break into that delicious German beer of theres.  Flash forward about two hours and about 3 pretzels later, we have yet to be given our car.  I am trying to maintain not being a nasty person and am trying to resolve the issue.  Whitney and Kendall went to a few other rental counters to see if they had any cars available and it seems every company was having the same issue.  So many reservations and not enough automatic vehicles.   ROLLING MY EYES so hard at that one!  Still not sure why they allow anyone to make a reservation if you cannot accomodate.

Thankfully, because I was still sincere, the attendant waived me over and let me know they just received an automatic and that we would receive a free upgrade.  To a ballin’ mercerdes.  A car that took almost 10 minutes just to figure out how to put into drive HA! Ill stick to my Hyundai.   We headed right to the city to see those beautiful Munich views.  One thing I love about Europe, the architecture.  Something I think the United States is severely slacking in.  Color and personality!  So many pastel colors and gothic architecture!  I was literally squealing!   We made it one of the main attractions in Munich, Marienplatz.   We snagged the perfect spot at an outside cafe and had the best view of the passing tourists underneath the towering St. Peters church!  Good beer and beautiful views!  I mentioned how lucky we were.  When your sitting down and taking things in, its kind of crazy to think we were literally sitting in the middle of the city enjoying a good beer IN GERMANY!  Dreams do come true y’all!

We spent the evening lolly gagging around Munich before heading to Hofbrauhaus. The cutest Bavarian eatery that gives you the Oktoberfest feel!  It was definitely good training for the next day! Oktoberfest!


We had the CUTEST airbnb tucked away out of the city within the countryside!  So accommodating and helpful!  Not to mention, THE CUTEST TOWN! Lets be honest though, EVERY town in Germany is the cutest!  We couldn’t really see anything the night we arrived but when we rose the next day and ready to go for Oktoberfest, we were greeted with the best views! Our airbnb hosts father, took us to the closest BOB stop and we caught the train into the city!  We picked up the perfect flower crowns in the metro because priorities and then went one stop over to OKTOBERFEST!  We were ready for all of the beer Germany had to offer.  Im still not sure how we all managed to drink so much!

We made sure we arrived early so that we could easily grab a table within the tents. Oktoberfest fills up QUICKLY! So we had a solid game plan to get us through the day, find a good tent, eat, drink and then head on to the next tent.  We made our way through 5 tents and it was SO much fun! We met people from all over the world!  America, Italy, Germany, Canada!  I love Europe!  I miss the easily obtained beer, pretzels, delicious chicken and good company!  PROST!!

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