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We’re Headin’ to South Africa | Adventures of Candace Nicole | Cape Town Part I

December 4, 2017

Its funny, word press always tells me keep this whole world scramble part brief but how does one keep things brief when it comes to CAPE TOWN!  Kyle and I hadn’t even landed in Cape Town yet and we were in heaven!  South Africa from the view of our airplane was just as magical as […]

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Its funny, word press always tells me keep this whole world scramble part brief but how does one keep things brief when it comes to CAPE TOWN!  Kyle and I hadn’t even landed in Cape Town yet and we were in heaven!  South Africa from the view of our airplane was just as magical as it was in person on the ground!  The first few minutes on the ground and we were sweating.  Not only from it being rather warm that day, but because we were drooling over the perfect views of table mountain and lions head!  They are visable from pretty much every where as long as tall building isn’t in your way.  And these beauts are beautiful from ALL angles!

Our first day in Cape Town was a real winner.  We had a hot and terrifying date with the cable car to take us to the top of table mountain.  We spent about an hour up there and then about an hour in line for the cable car back down to the main ground. We had to be in Camps Bay a little before sunset for a fun family session we had planned with my girl Lindsay and her handsome men! The views from the top are endless!  You can see for miles around and the vegetation is otherworldly.  If you are a succulent love, like myself, you would be in HEAVEN! The warm African sun kept things casual for us but the palm trees that literally are everywhere had us feeling like we were somewhere tropical…. but with water so damn cold you shouldnt swim in it!  Its a tease!


Kyle money making magic happen!  I love getting to shoot with other photographers.  We learn so much from each other and get to bounce ideas off each other while also obnoxiously capturing bad angles of each other haha!


The next day was a busy day!  We were originally scheduled for cage diving with great white sharks but with a crappy weather outlook, we rescheduled for Wednesday as the forecast was clear and lookin’ beautiful.  Though we quickly learned that when it comes to Cape Town and South African coastal weather… can never trust the forecast because mother nature changes her mind every 10 minutes down in this next of the woods.  Anyhoo, so we switched our plans up a bit and decided to do some hardcore exploration!  We had to see the infamous African Penguins first while we made the trek to the Cape of good Hope (thanks for the recommendation super attractive guy we met at our hostel whos name I dont remember).  On the drive, we made our way over the mountains on roads that had Kyle gripping on for life… this boy could never make it in Iceland LOL.  Which is funny because the views while we were driving on the top of the mountains reminded me so much of Iceland, but instead of black lava rock it was  grey african rock HA!

We finally arrived to the infamous Boulders Beach where a colony of African Penguins called this gorgeous spot home.  Its no wonder why because the boulders that line the beach here are stunning!  I mean really everything here in stunning, which you’ll see for yourself obviously.  They say you can literally swim with the penguins here as the waters are warmer than usual here and the penguins are literally everywhere.  When we walked down the walk way we were greeted with beautiful views of a completely empty beach with no penguins in site.  Lots of boulders, no penguins.  We were a little confused.  Then we turned left and saw a little patch of penguins loungin’ around on the boulders.  We were still a little disappointed as there was a make shift gate keeping us away from the penguins.  Never fear, Im not dumb enough to physical provoke or try to pet a wild animal, but I also wanted to experience them non-caged.  Thankfully,  Im a total creep and always pay attention to other people and what they are doing and spotted some local kids climbing beneath two boulders and I told Kyle there has to be a way to a huge colony of penguins that we could see on the other side of what seemed like a field of boulders.  I took my fat butt under some boulders and then took my still healing leg on an climbing adventure over a few boulder stacks, slowly, I did this as safe and slow as possible and we were then greeted to beautiful little baby African Penguins EVERYWHERE! I mean every where we turned it was penguin heaven!  These guys are super cute and curious…. but these guys stink! I mean they do have to relieve themselves after all.  If you ever find yourself in South Africa in the Cape Town area, go here and let your inner animal lover self be in heaven!

Now it was onward to the gloriously beautiful, most south-western part of the African Continent, the Cape of Good Hope.  This is only about a 20 minute drive beyond boulders beach so its an easy combo adventure if you have the time.  Cape of Good Hope is home of False Bay with is surrounded by sweeping views of the glorious mountains and beautiful turquoise waters!  We were greeted to CRAZY strong winds.  I guess that comes with the territory but lordy, we were getting pushed around a little bit by the wind and maybe took some sand to the face but when in South Africa, am I right?

Kyle stylin and profilin in my third pair of sunglasses….. Im the only person who forgot to bring sunglasses to South Africa and had a rather difficult time finding the right pair, until we stopped at the Neighborgoods Market in Jozie and I saw these babes!

We had a one more hot spot on our list before making our way back to Cape Town to get some dinner and do some work at the hostel.  Our last stop of day one was to site see at the beautiful surf beach of Muizenburg!  This beach is literally over run with surfers, not a bad thing by the way!  There were people of all ages shredding the water in two!  Some caught air, some wiped out, it was fun to sit and watch for a little bit.  These kids are crazy though because at the front of the beach is a shark watch tower…. and signs every where letting you know what to do if you encounter one of South Africas many many sharks!  All the surfers in their black wet suits looking like juicy seals.  I may want to dive with great whites but the winning factor is the cage I would be in! haha!  Anyhoo, Muizenburg beach is also famous for the beautiful, multi-colored bath houses that line its shores.   Kyle and I thought this spot was so beautiful, we stopped here twice during this trip!

Cape Town Part II coming atcha soon, until then my friends =D

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