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Italian Getaway | Adventures of Candace Nicole | Lake Como + Milan

December 29, 2017

Im not ready for this!  Italy was a whirl wind!  3 weeks of incredible views, history, pasta, pizza, bread and a whole lot of attractive people.  I had a jam packed itinerary and conquered as much as my foot would allow, which wasn’t much.  Shortly before I left for my trip to Italy on December […]

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Im not ready for this!  Italy was a whirl wind!  3 weeks of incredible views, history, pasta, pizza, bread and a whole lot of attractive people.  I had a jam packed itinerary and conquered as much as my foot would allow, which wasn’t much.  Shortly before I left for my trip to Italy on December 6th, I found out that the strange, and very distinctive, pain I was having in my bad foot, was the jolly ole condition some know as Plantar Fasciitis. So not only is it already difficult for me to walk for long periods of time, my plantar fasciitis made things even more uncomfortable.  I was able to withstand about 2 hours of walking before I would need about an hour or two of rest for my foot. So with a lot of determination mixed with the understanding of needing to take it easy, this is probably the most laxed trip I have ever taken.   Even though this was very tamed for me, I still conquered quite a bit!

The only real set plans I had were my flights in and out of Europe and then my trains.  I was going to fly into Milan and then I would take a train from Milan to Venice, Venice to Bologna, Bologna to Florence, Florence to Naples and then Naples to Rome before catching a flight to Dublin for a flight back to the states.  It was a lot but honestly, I think I gave myself more than enough time as I had a few days in between that I left open to be a total bum and stayed in my hostel to get work done and rest my foot.  But this first part of my trip was super easy and laid back.  If you have been following me for a while now, you will know that I am not a city girl.  My heart belongs to mother nature and all her glory.  Mountains, waterfalls, open meadows… fresh air!  It makes me beyond happy. With that being said, there wasn’t much in Milan I wanted to do or see.  Yes, the last supper was there but things like that don’t really tickle my fancy.  Im not a museum kind of girl.  Waiting in long lines to be crammed into small narrow hallways with hundreds of other people.  No thank you.  Which is funny because I went to the Vatican museum but Ill save that story for my last Italian Getaway share.

I only left one day to explore Milan, so naturally, I left Milan and hopped on a train to Lake Como.  Majority, if not just about all, of the villages along Lake Como are closed for the off season and anytime you ask people if its worth visiting, they will all tell you nothings open, don’t go.  I didn’t listen and actually jumped at the opportunity to visit.  I went to Como, the only real bustling city on the lake.  I figured it would be a sure way to know Ill find a place to eat lunch while still getting beautiful views.  When my train arrived to Como, I was in heaven.  Italy was giving me all of my PNW vibes!  The lake was locked in a thick fog and it gave everything a beautiful eeire feeling.  I wish I gave myself another day just so I could hop on the ferry to Belagio, the real gem of Lake Como.  Likely the photos you see when you google Lake Como.  Ill be back to tour the entire lake!  One day!

2017-12-25_0193.jpgI didn’t give myself too much time to explore Lake Como mainly because I had a hot date with three of the sweetest people I have ever met! As always, I had a shoot lined up with Alessandro but a few things couldn’t work out so we made it a friend affair!  He lives with his best friend and her boyfriend so we decided to all get together, hang out and shoot around downtown Milan for the night!   Seriously the best time with these three!  Already scheming up ways to get back to Milan so that they can cook me a real home cooked, Italian meal!

Total babes, am I right?  I’m honestly not sure how these three aren’t models!  I miss their smiles already!  Get ready though, because a whole heap of beautiful, Italian gold is coming your way!  Venice + Burano are up next =D

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