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Ring ‘Round Iceland | Adventures of Candace Nicole | Part II

July 7, 2017

Ahh, the glorious Part II. This one is jam packed with a whole lot of beautiful! First let me explain the first night of sleeping in the car… it was cold. Ha. We didn’t layer ourselves up enough the first night and we both had a less than desirable amount of sleep that night but […]

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Ahh, the glorious Part II. This one is jam packed with a whole lot of beautiful! First let me explain the first night of sleeping in the car… it was cold. Ha. We didn’t layer ourselves up enough the first night and we both had a less than desirable amount of sleep that night but when I woke up….around 5:30 in the morning, it was beautiful. One of the best views I’ve ever woken up to.
But we had a mission to get across the north and head towards the beautiful town of Húsavík, famous for being a whale watching capital of its own right. We had miles and miles of dirt road ahead of us before we hit route 1 again. Which lead to many pretty views. I even gave Andie a heart attack when we were driving through a fjord and I saw the infamous spout of a whale!!! I was freaking out! It was my first whale sighting….ever.
After a few more hours of driving we made it to Glaumbær, Iceland, known for its historical turf houses that draw buses of tourist to its site. We thankfully had it mostly to ourselves. I officially want one! I’m not sure of the valley we stopped in to do some drone work but it was STUNNING. And thankfully Andie is a saint because not once, but twice this trip, I had the perfect set up for a driving shot and BOTH times were epic…. and both times I realized I never hit the record button. Needless to say, she turned around quite a bit. haha
We didn’t really have anything in the North capital, Akureyri, that we really wanted to see or do so we made only a quick pit stop at the famous Bonus supermarket and kept on trucking along. We had things to do and places to see! But we did stop at a pull off to take an overlook shot of the city.
We ended our day at Goðafoss. A beautiful waterfall in the north near Lake Myvatn. We planned to just head to Húsavík for dinner and sleep after that. Oh wait, I lied, we signed up for a whale watching tour for the next day too. I WAS SO EXCITED! We were pretty tired from lack of sleep the night before. We had an epic view of the bay and the wild lupine surrounded us. It was a much needed nights sleep!
Our whale watching tour didn’t start until 1:00pm with North Sailing, so we had time to kill because we woke up around 6 am that morning. We opted to head for some hot springs, not only because who wouldn’t want to swim in a natural bath tub, but we had both gone a few days without a shower. ha! We aimed to get to Grjótagjá, the infamous hot spring cave from Game of Thrones in hopes of having the place to our selves. And though we were mainly alone, there were signs everywhere saying that swimming was no longer permitted. Such a shame. It would have been perfect. After realizing that was a dud, we said, ok, Myvatn nature baths it is! You have to bathe naked before you can even get into the lagoon, same with the blue lagoon and even though its not nearly as big and mainly man-made, it was perfect and still have the beautiful blue hues just like the blue lagoon. Plus, its not nearly as crowded!  Andie and I were super excited to not only enjoy some lagoon hangs, but we showered afterwards too! The little things in life.
Now comes the time to head back to Húsavík as we had a hot date with some whales and I WAS SCREAMING ON THE INSIDE… and maybe the outside too. We saw more whales than I was expecting. I believe the count was 3 or 4 humpback sightings and we saw a few minke whales too! Even at the same time. They were showing off for us. Though, we didn’t have a single whale breach, we had plenty of dives from the humpbacks. Showing off all that tail!

Part III is going to be a mind blower. So much color and more waterfalls than you can handle. Even a little sad side to boot. ha. Stick around! =D

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