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I'm Candace and I'm a destination wedding & portrait photographer based out of the Washington, D.C. area. Chances are you won't find me in the DMV for too long.  Come and explore my corner of the world with me! 

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May 30, 2017

Southern Maryland Engagement Photographer | Leonardtown, MD | Carl + Megan

If theres one thing I love, its poochies, but when you get to spend the day with two babes and their two poochies, its an even BETTER day!  And last weekend,  I spent my evening venturing through one of my favorite parks in Southern Maryland with Carl + Megan and their two boxers, Sophie + Bentley.  These two pups were adorable and full of slobber! And when I say slobber, I mean SLOBBER ha!  These two came with their own slobber rags and all.  I didn’t mind though ;).  Carl and Megan are getting hitched next year in the outer banks and I am so excited to celebrate with them! It was only fitting that we head to the prettiest beach in the county for their engagements.  These two do love the beach after all.
Mother nature graced us with a windy chill but it was a beautiful evening none the less as I made sure these two stay cuddled up.  We even had a little lady bug luck!  I picked a flower ( or maybe it was a weed ) and it turned out that a lady bug was on the flower.  After a little bit of waiting the lady bug climbed right onto their ring!  Talk about good luck!  It just shows that even mother nature supports these two love birds!  Now we get to sit back and relax and wait for the year to pass us by and we will all be in NC celebrating before we know it!

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