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Thailand Breakdown

July 8, 2017

Ahh, the glorious breakdown  Some may know that SE Asia is a very inexpensive area to travel too.  Majority of the time, the most expensive item is the flight its self pending on where your starting from.  Taylor and I took one day and did a few searches, compared prices from different sites, dates, etc. […]

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Ahh, the glorious breakdown  Some may know that SE Asia is a very inexpensive area to travel too.  Majority of the time, the most expensive item is the flight its self pending on where your starting from.  Taylor and I took one day and did a few searches, compared prices from different sites, dates, etc. And we found a round trip flight that was a price we were both a-ok with.  Then it was on to the hardest part, WHERE in Thailand do we want to go.  We had 14 full days two go where the hell we wanted.  I am not sure if I can fully describe how hard a decision that was.
We knew we would explore Bangkok since our trip would be starting and ending in the capital but where after that? There are literally endless options.  Endless islands to explore, cities to venture through and temples to stand in awe before.  We miraculously narrowed it down and I am going to give you the cost of everything we did to show you how ridiculously cheap it is.
Now I am certainly no expert and Im sure there is someone out there who could have gotten half of this for cheaper, but here is our Thailand Breakdown
Dates:  November 15th-December 1st.

Round trip flight was DC to Bangkok $753.81
Booked via
Airline – AirChina

(image via
Accommodation:  The Yard Hostel – $15.47 a night
We both really loved this hostel.  We stayed in a 4 bed female dorm. This place was very clean and gave off this epic modern, relaxed, in nature, vibe.  I loved the shipping container build too.   We met multiple people just at breakfast here. Which was awesome by the way.  Best tea I had the entire trip haha.

December 18th- One way Bangkok – Chiang Mai 1,265 Thai Baht  or $35.14
Booked via ThaiAirways (Taylors favorite airline)

(image via
Accommodation: @Box Hostel – $9.72 a night
I loved this hostel so much.  We booked two bed in a 3 bed dorm but the AWESOMEEEE staff said that they would keep that bed open.  Pretty much just giving us a our own private room.  They even gave us two free towels rather than charging us.  Can’t recommend this place enough!  Although, please note, the pool is SLIPPERY.  I bout broke my ankle, butt and back fall into that thing! haha  They also were super helpful hiring us a private taxi to take us around the city and to the sticky waterfalls AND booking our sweet thai cooking class. One of our best days ever.

We also booked our day visit over to Elephant Nature Park.  This included a full day visit, transportation to and from the sanctuary and lunch.  $69.45.  We had to put a 1,000 baht deposit ($27.78) and pay the remaining 1,500 baht the day of.

 We then headed towards Koh Pha Ngan for our first island hop.  There are no flights to this island so we had to fly to Surat Thani to take an hour long shuttle to the port of Dansak port to then take a 2 hour ferry to the island.
December 21st One-way Chiang Mai to Surat Thani $52.18
Booked via Air Asia
one hour Shuttle service + 2 hour ferry to Koh Pha Ngan $23.90
Booked via

 Accommodation:  Sea Scene Resort – $32.94 each for two nights ($16.47 a night each)
Oh I loved this little bungalow resort.  It was way off the beaten path and tucked away on the prettiest beach.  The beach was riddled with these beautiful boulders which made it that much prettier.  Not to mention the bungalow themselves were adorable as hell. The resort also had the cutest little restaurant that had lizards everywhere.  Not as creepy as it sounds.  It was adorable. Plus the beach doggies.  We loved the beach doggies.

 December 23rd Ferry to Koh Samui – $8.96
Booked via
After our short stay on Koh Pha Ngan, we ferried over to one of its neighboring island, Koh Samui.  We chose a bigger resort for this stay as this leg fell on Thanksgiving and being as we were supposed to have partied hard the night before at the Half Moon Festival, we wanted relaxation.

 (image via
Accommodation: Coco Palm Beach Resort – $38.05 each for two nights ($19.03 a night each)
Oh this place was heaven.  We had the sweetest bungalow.  Now the island we werent a big fan of as its very built up but luckily we didn’t have to leave our resort.  We spent thanksgiving lying on the beach with a drink in hands at all times. The staff here were incredible. They made us feel so welcome and loved.  This is also where our massage obsession started to take place.  We had two massages while we were here.  Heaven!

December 25th  One-way Koh Samui to Phuket – $95.58
Booked via

 (image via
Accommodation:  Patong Studio Apartments – $31.50 a night ($15.75 each a night)
So, not going to lie… Taylor and I really loved every place we stayed at.  We really enjoyed our little airbnb snag.  We were right by the beach, though we never went, and were within walking distance to everything in Patong, Phuket.   The staff here were incredibly helpful and we ended up booking our day trips to James Bond Island and to Phi Phi island through them.  For super cheap!  Plus they had the softest comforters ever.

December 29th One-way Phuket to Bangkok – $43.20
Booked via ThaiAirways

Accommodation: Airbnb- Studio Apartment – $32 a night ($16 a night each)
Again, the best airbnb ever.  We were in what seemed like a brand new skyrise RIGHT next to the BTS station.  Plus there was a 24 hour market down stairs making this the most convenient location ever.  There was an epic pool but it pretty much stays in the shade all day and the water was frigid even in the hot bangkok air.  Still loved this apartment and the next time I am back in Bangkok, this is totally where I am staying!
Alrighty.  All in all, we had a busy trip.  Lots of flying, taxis, ferry rides. The works.  Here are the final breakdowns
Flights: $979.91
Ferries: $32.86
Accommodations: $243.87
Entire trip: $1,255.64
Our entire two week, multi-city/island trip cost me less than $1,300.  That doesn’t include the cost of the Elephant Nature park or the prices of the two excursions we went on but still. I am sure you could find things MUCH cheaper giving your comfort level and such but we did a rather luxurious trip for next to nothing.
Here are some ballpark prices to give you an idea of how cheap it is.
Average meal at restaurant cost- $4.17
Average food cart meal- $2.50
Average beer cost- $1.39
Average Metro cost- $1.11
Average Taxi cost- $11.11 (even cheaper considering we always split the cost)
All of our searching was done via Google Flights, Expedia and Kayak.  All you have to do is dedicate the time to researching and comparing prices and locations and keep your cache cleared.
Up next is Vegas with my good friend Andie + Tony then I am off to Guatemala in March!  2017 has a whole lot of travel in it!  Happy Travels!

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