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West Virginia Photographer | A Snowshoe Mountain Engagement | Matt + Ashley

January 29, 2018

You guys,  the past 11 days have been non-stop.  If you have been following me around on social media, you will know that I just returned home from Key West to photograph Jeff and Katies beautiful destination wedding but the day before Andie and myself embarked on our road trip down south, I was just […]

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You guys,  the past 11 days have been non-stop.  If you have been following me around on social media, you will know that I just returned home from Key West to photograph Jeff and Katies beautiful destination wedding but the day before Andie and myself embarked on our road trip down south, I was just getting home from celebrating a fun, cold and windy Snowshoe Mountain engagement with Matt + Ashley.  These two scooped me away on Thursday for a fun weekend away in the mountains of West Virginia.  Ashley is a girl after my own heart who loves the winter but especially loves the SNOW! We all know snow is a bit unpredictable here in SOMD so we aimed to go where the snow would definitely be, even if it was fake snow, by golly we were getting snow!  Fun stuff, it actually snowed quite a few inches two days before we arrived so we arrived to a beautiful winter wonderland! Score for us!

Matt and Ashley had been to Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia once before but this time was a bit more special.  It was a family get-a-way  but no trip would be complete without at least one hiccup, am I right?  If you have never been to Snowshoe, word of advice…. get gas.  There is no gas up the mountain and you will lose cell phone service about 1.5 hours outside of Snowshoe. Whats my point?  We had JUST turned onto Snowshoe Drive and were making our way up the mountain and Matt looks over and tells us we are running out of gas.  It was about 11:00 at night on a super sketchy, windy, mountain road.  Super thankful for all of the passer-by’s that stopped and offer their help and to the generous tow truck guy who came down the mountain to put some gas in our tank.  So thankful for them!   Needless to say, our first night was rather eventful!

Our next day at Snowshoe was a lazy one.  Matts family was set to arrive that night and I had work to do. So these two love birds hit the slopes!  I wish I was able to go with them but we all know my booty was not going to risk it with my foot, so I stayed back at the condo and got some much needed work done.  Im glad these two were able to hit the slopes for two days though, they deserved it.  I would have held them back anyways because I don’t even know how to ski or snowboard while these two go down black diamonds and what not.  ha!  No shame!  The next morning we woke before the sun to drive to the bottom of the mountain to start their engagements.  We saw this adorable, red covered bridge that I knew we had to start at.  Another plus to going down the mountain, no wind and not entirely freezing!  At the top of the mountain it was frigid and SUPER WINDY! I mean, super windy, blowing the cars around, the people going down the slopes.  It was crazy.  Thankfully these two are total troopers and rocked it!  Whats a windchill of -4 anyways? Am I right?  Now I am going to warn you, I was with these guys for an entire weekend so there are LOTS of favorites of them.  Engagement weekend get-a-ways a new thing?



All of the slopes at Snowshoe head right to Shavers Lake at the bottom of the mountain, we had originally planned to do some of their portraits around the lake but we couldn’t find the road down to the lake so we opted to do a quick a little stop on our way out and I am so glad we did!  It was DREAMY.  A little light rain, fog rolling in and a frozen lake.  It was a dream.  I felt like I was in my favorite place in the world, the glorious PNW, only I was in West Virginia. We even had a fun super mini family session on the back porch of the condo before their son Leo left with Matts family.  Leo is the cutest little sly guy.   The boy loves being outside and he got super lucky because a family of deer (who frequent our condo building might I add) make a special appearance just for him.  So many favorites from these guys.  2018-01-21_0055.jpg2018-01-21_0054.jpg2018-01-21_0058.jpg2018-01-21_0057.jpg2018-01-21_0059.jpg2018-01-21_0056.jpg2018-01-21_0060.jpg2018-01-21_0061.jpg2018-01-21_0009.jpg2018-01-21_0063.jpg2018-01-21_0065.jpg2018-01-21_0064.jpg2018-01-21_0067.jpg2018-01-21_0068.jpg2018-01-21_0069.jpg2018-01-21_0070.jpg2018-01-21_0066.jpg2018-01-21_0071.jpg2018-01-21_0072.jpg2018-01-21_0073.jpg2018-01-21_0074.jpg2018-01-21_0075.jpg2018-01-21_0076.jpg

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